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Best 40 Non-Phone Work at Home Online Typing Jobs ( General, Medical, & Legal)

You can work-from-home doing data entry, but you'll need to widen your task and skill scope to include other administrative and professional level tasks. Live chat agents answer customer's questions and queries on the spot via online text chat platforms. However, for most jobs, a college degree is not a requirement. Virtual Assistants. However, that's not quite enough of a job description because these home-based jobs can cover many types of transcription jobs — everything from "microjobs" in data entry to specializations that require additional training, such as medical transcription.

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For paralegal gigs, check out FlexJobs and Upwork. Maybe this word processing opportunity is right for you. For instance, Xeroxwhich is a reputable and legit work-from-home company, hires individuals for remote data entry and verification jobs.

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Don't get me wrong, you can find remote data entry jobs, but they'll consist of more tasks than just straight typing. All you need is practice and a love of the craft, and you can make decent money writing articles, newsletters, social media updates, white papers, blog posts, sales letters, case studies, and video scripts.

Working as a Home Typist - Job Profile

Paralegals support attorneys, law agencies, corporations, and government agencies by summarizing depositions, preparing interrogatories, drafting procedural motions, performing legal research, and typing research memos. Editors need excellent typing and communication skills.

The rest depends mainly on the industry. There are many types of transcription from medical and legal which require additional training to general transcription which does not require specialized training. Dion Data Solutions — This is another favorite platform where you can get typing jobs from home. Then perhaps transcription is the gig for you.

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Then perhaps working as a captioner is your dream work-at-home gig. Are you a fast and accurate typist? However, since some companies pay based solely on the typist's output, these companies may be willing to take on a beginner, but the pay is low. No college degree is required, but you have to pass a quiz and also pass a background check.

Those in these positions audio typist jobs work from home have to install new software, log on to a company's system remotely, upload files, troubleshoot issues with his or her own computer, etc.

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To put it simply, transcription as a typing from home job will be around for a meteorology jobs from home longer. QuickTate — This is another platform that hires transcribers for voice-mails messages, memos, medical files, legal files among other hosts of audio files.

Also, rm forex rate every kind of typist job is as likely to home-based; for instance, court reporting isn't.

13 Places to Find Typing Jobs From Home

Some of the most basic tasks that VAs perform are sending email correspondence, creating documents, marketing tasks, editing, data entry, and internet research — all which require accurate typing skills. However, some individuals have on-the-job training and work their way into the position. Many editors have English or journalism degrees, but others break into the field via internships, on-the-job training, and some have a natural gift audio typist jobs work from home are self-taught.

Anna has a great list over at Real Ways to Earn. Along with the Forex masterclass rosebank and online shopping, came a new breed of customer service, and that's the live chat agent.

Computer skills that go beyond simply using word processing software are necessary for the home typist.

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Nevertheless, classes and training in office software may be helpful for any home typist. Virtual assistants perform a wide variety of tasks, so excellent typing skills are a must. Online Chat Agents. Virtual assistants are highly-skilled, home-based professionals that offer companies, businesses, hot option trades, and bloggers administrative support.

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  • You can work-from-home doing data entry, but you'll need to widen your task and skill scope to include other administrative and professional level tasks.

As humans, we do produce a lot of spoken words. Most companies will make you take a test to ensure you can meet quality standards.

Best 40 Non-Phone Work at Home Online Typing Jobs

If so which company are you working for? You can learn more about scopists here. Please see our disclosure policy for further information.

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The data might be anything that needs to be entered into a spreadsheet or database or some other computer storage system. Advances in computing keep taking over transcription jobs albeit at a slower pace.

5 Legit Typing Jobs From Home (No Scams. No "Systems.")

Typically, no college degree is required for this type of jobs. However, the exceptions include medical transcription and court reporting, which do require certification. Most paralegals have formal training which could be a certificate program, associate degree, or bachelor's degree.

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Unskilled data entry jobs accept home typists with speeds as low as 60 wpm and paying them at the low end as well and realtime transcription jobs, or captioning from home, require speeds as much as wpm.

The faster your typing speed the better.