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Some things you will do as part of the application process: We then screen our customer care professionals for those characteristics. After 30 days from your hire date, working an average of 20 hours per week with SYKES Home, you will be eligible for our voluntary benefits program that includes medical, dental and vision insurance for you and your family.

Both part-time and full-time employees are eligible for insurance coverage. However, you will NOT be asked to pay this money until after you've already been hired. Even though you will be working remotely from the comfort of your home, you will always have the support of your program team. Tell us about yourself! Will I have to do any high-pressure sales?

  • We post between work at home job leads, five days per week.
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  • As a general rule, we do not send checks in the mail.
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Fortunately, you do get paid for percent of your training time with Sykes. If you are hired by Skyes, you'll be answering incoming calls from home. I am really enjoying it.

Are the benefits different for full-time and part-time employees? Unlike independent contractors, we pay our employees for all of their time worked, including time between calls and time spent training.

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You can begin the application process online. Are there required meetings multiple moving averages forex the corporate office or anywhere?

In order to operate as efficiently as possible for our clients, you probably will receive calls in a fairly steady stream during each work shift. We believe an employee relationship creates the best experience for you, for our company and for our clients.

Sykes Work From Home Phone Jobs - Earn $10 Hourly

Many people on the work from home forums I browsed claim they were hired with less than perfect credit. Step 3: Are there performance evaluations? If you can provide legal documentation proving you are eligible for employment in the U.

What if I have questions?

So make sure you're able to work in a quiet environment if you do get the job. Before you can start working, you'll have to go through training. We pay all employees for the hours they work, regardless of whether they are on calls, or waiting to take the next call.

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Please carefully review our FAQ and Qualifications sections. The ability to handle those calls with the appropriate balance of good customer service and efficient resolution will be one of the things we will train you to do well.

Most of the positions we have open are full-time. They do occasionally have full-time positions where 40 hours is possible.

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We pay you every two weeks. Where to Get Started If you'd like to apply for a job at Sykes, you can go here to get started. This also means you get benefits. The online learning experience is a blend of both synchronous live whole group interaction and asynchronous self-directed learning, and is scheduled like a regular work shift.

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Although you are always welcome to come visit our headquarters in Denver, Colorado, we do not require that you do so. Sometime after you've done this, you may be invited to participate in a group interview. We also saw several people upset about being laid off when call volume was very low.

What kind of support will I have while I am working? Review jobs we present to you, based on your experience. Step 1: These programs are not high-pressure sales situations, but do require the ability to offer alternative products and sell additional products to customers.

Yes, all of our programs involve quality assurance testing, performance evaluations and feedback to the customer care professionals. This connection prevents you from receiving personal calls during your work shift. How much are customer care professionals paid? This includes the computer, internet, phone, headsets and home office requirements.

Questions and Answers about Sykes Enterprises, Incorporated Work from Home

The Application Process First off, you should know that Sykes does a credit check on all applicants, but some black marks on your report are still OK. The USB headset is for training and the telephone headset is for you to use once you start actually working and taking live calls. Are there career advancement opportunities? No, all of our calls are inbound; we do not do any outbound telemarketing.

It could run for just a few days or last for several weeks. We post between work at home job leads, five days per week. Certified professional facilitators, who are true subject matter experts, teach all of the classes. Sykes is a well-known company that hires people as employees to work remotely taking inbound calls for their clients. As always, I would appreciate any additional information you can share in the comments if you have it.

S corp or LLC Obtaining business liability insurance Accurately estimating and filing quarterly federal and provincial tax returns Maintaining ongoing legal and accounting records Q: It takes about one week for the background check. As a general rule, we do not send checks in the mail.

No, customers who call generally know what they want to order, but may need help to identify the right item. Some clients occasionally request that our customer care professionals visit local retail outlets or other local business offices in order to become better acquainted with what they do.

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My trainers are very helpful and patient with a touch of humor. The Sykes jobs are almost always available to apply for, and they currently hire people living in forty US states and eight Canadian provinces.

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To be successful, you will need to have a significant level of comfort using technology to connect, learn and communicate. Broker forex welcome bonus no deposit Requirements.

Apparently the benefits for full-time workers are a lot better than the ones for part-time workers. Qualified part-time and full-time employees completed one year of service and worked 1, hours can participate in a matching k plan. Do I forex trader complaints a paycheck in the mail? Will I have to call people to sell them things?

To maintain high service levels for our clients, you will be permanently connected to our telephone system for the duration of each work shift. You could be eligible for many programs!

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Complete your profile — Answer questions about your experience and upload your kiosk it system trading llc - abu dhabi Tech Requirements The Sykes job postings on the site now do not show the exact equipment you'll need, but past postings indicated that a Windows-based computer, high-speed internet, a corded land line phone, and both a USB and telephone headset are necessary.

Pin14 15shares Today, we're talking about Sykes work from home jobs. Personal phone calls can be received on a cell phone or on a second phone line separate from that dedicated for work shifts. Some of our programs require more proactive sales skills than others.

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  5. Similarly, we provide round-the-clock technical support in the event that you have any problems with any of our telephone or computer systems.

Am I paid by the hour or by the call? If that goes well, you might just get a job offer. We will evaluate your skills, experience and qualifications to determine our best program for you. I have a list of quality work from home headsets if you'd like some ideas on what type to get. The duration of training varies by program, but most programs involve 3 to 6 weeks of full-time 40 hours per week training.

Home Office Requirements - SYKES

Best in the business! For qualified employees completed one year of service and worked 1, hourswe also offer a matching k plan. Complete your application!

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Do I have to pay an application fee? The Support Team of Facilitators, Coaches and Team Leads will assist you throughout your classroom learning, apprenticeship on-the-job learningand once you are in full production. What if I have questions? You will also want to ensure that you have a secure, noise-free environment for both your learning and working shifts.

Good luck!

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As an employee you are not required to fulfill the costly and extensive obligations that are required of an independent contractor, including: Sykes offers benefits to both full and part-time workers who have been with the company for at least 30 days including medical, dental, vision, and after one year you can get K.

We recommend that you review all of the qualifications and FAQs before submitting an application. No, all interviews are conducted over the phone.

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Filing papers of incorporation, e. People who praised the company appreciated getting to work from home, the benefits, and some thought management was great to work with.