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A Gekko cannot change its stripes and he is planning an almighty return to the top to fuel his ego and self-superiority. A Love Story — Documentary Won: Their ardent stubbornness illustrates their downfall.

BBC documentary telling the story of 10 novice traders working at a hedge fund during the mortgage crisis.

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It follows alpha male traders who tell it like it is, or at least how it was. The two main characters literally represent the two sides that exist in the psyche of every trader.

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Traders can identify with how closely trade strategy parallels with chess strategy. Money and greed, with a great performance of Michael Douglas. A classic. With that said, here is a list of the top 15 movies, TV shows, and documentaries every trader and investor needs to watch.

Ross Johnson the CEO wants to make a killing by purchasing the undervalued company from shareholders, however the Wall Street investment professionals he hires start to become his competition in the buyout. I work from home tokyo watched this movie many times and still love it.

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The City of London: New for — Banking On Bitcoin — Documentary Banking on Bitcoin is a documentary film highlighting the birth of Bitcoin and the underlying technology that drives it, the Block Chain. For anyone who is mystified by the technology and wants to learn more, this is a great starting point. It can be dry at times but it does show how taking a different lens to economics and the thought process can show different insights.

We hope you enjoyed the review, please leave your comments or favorite film feedback enforex sprachschule valencia. I could watch this every week. Interesting movie. But the fact is that in the vast majority of those who have invested in Bitcoins and others have lost huge amounts of money.

Rogue Trader (1999) Starring Ewan McGregor and Anna Friel - Full Movie

The ultimate investing bubble has been unwinding for the last year. Billion Dollar Day: The Alchemists Of Wall Street: Entertaining, thought-provoking and ultimately a great watch this movie is highly recommended.

Trading Places: Learn more in this good documentary. A nice insight into the mentality of the people to whom you entrust your money, your portfolio and ultimately your financial future. The greatest enemy hides where you least suspect it: I actually really like this film, but not because of the excessive wealth and what most people think is Instagram-worthy shots.

1- Inside Job (2011) – Documentary – Narrator Matt Damon

Well worth a watch. Which trading movie or documentary do you like the most?

Wall Street:

An Example Quote: The historical aspects of the movie and the implications of what he depicts are powerful. Not in a specific order, but if I had to pick one, it would be The Big Short.

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While still rather young, the film shows Paul predicting the crash. Wall Street: This is a must watch for those who want to experience how intoxicating the promise of huge wealth is and how it can corrupt anyone and devastate investors who get caught up in it.

Describes the life of Jordan Belfort, a penny stock stockbroker that made millions selling these pink slip stocks.

5 must-watch films and documentaries for day traders

Any trader who has blown out an account can attest to the fact that desperate money never forex trader film. This film shows you how little governance and risk management there was and still is at the forextrader pro.web banks or in fact most banks.

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Countering this claim and others made by the city of Cleveland, Senior Judge Work from home eastern cape Suhrheinrich wrote in a page opinion that "[t]he case of the alleged harms is a set of actions neglect of property, starting fires, looting, and dealing drugs jobs work from home is completely distinct from the asserted misconduct financing subprime loans.

Documentary about legendary hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones. Here they are: The Emotional Ups and Downs of Trading This documentary captures all the highs and lows of being a trader moving from the trenches of the trading pits to the electronic trading screens. You have to see this only to understand the depth of the problem of trying to oversee the companies that take advantage of the lazy money.

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Fun fact: The movie initially captures the exhilaration of turning a large loss into bvl forex equally large win. Rather than buy all these movies try out Amazon Prime, they are probably already included.

Lewis has a forex trader film of writing that adds great storytelling to the factual background of what went on before and after the credit crunch. A roller coaster ride with a stellar cast, well worth the time invested. Wall Street: Solid interviews with Block Chain and Bitcoin enthusiasts round off the documentary.

Millions By The Minute: We can all learn a thing or two about his humble lifestyle.

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The panel of three Federal judges did not agree. The spotting of "tells" in poker is akin to spotting the "fades" in trading to determine the true order flow pressure behind the price action.

The best trading movies and documentaries ever

These are excellent books and a watchable movie. Do you want the knowledge to invest with confidence? Interesting 2-part documentary of the lives of traders in the financial district of London. Like this article? In my opinion, it tells the story of the housing market bubble in the most clear and understandable way and the performance of all characters is sublime.