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Are they so much better that it makes the higher cost of transfer worth while? No prior permission from Reserve Bank is required for issue of such cards.

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Can a person resident in Brazil forex market hold assets outside India? Dance troupes, artistes, etc.


Foreign exchange for travel abroad can be purchased from an authorized person against rupee payment in cash below Rs. If an investment of USD 50, rises in value within the year, can one book profits and invest abroad again? Do same Rules apply to persons going for studies abroad?

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The entitlement of foreign exchange on International Credit Cards ICCs is limited by the credit limit fixed by the card issuing authority only. They may want to pay you less, given they are now having to pay in a currency that is foreign to them and exposes them to currency exchange rate risk.

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It is possible to absorb these charges at the sender end for an additional charge. Who is an Authorized Dealer?

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On return to India can one retain foreign exchange? Should foreign coins be surrendered to an Authorised Dealer on return from abroad? How much foreign exchange can be brought in while visiting India?

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For Indian Residents: Can residents avail of this facility for acquiring immovable property and other assets abroad? At present there are two types of cards viz.

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Who are authorized by the Reserve Bank to sell foreign exchange for travel purposes? Whether minor resident individuals would be permitted to open, maintain and hold such foreign currency accounts, if the same is permissible as per local law in the country of the overseas branch?

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Can one obtain foreign exchange for medical treatment outside India? He is under no obligation to repatriate the funds remitted abroad.

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Please note that the foreign bank that receives the transfer may charge an additional amount for receiving the transfer. The facility is available to resident individuals only. This is a facility extended to all resident individuals under which, they may freely remit up to USD 50, per financial year for any permissible current or capital account transaction or a combination of both.

If you have got the add-on or supplementary card from BookMyForex, then please Email an add-on card activation request to us at forexcards bookmyforex.

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Any delays due to unforeseen circumstances are regretted. Person going abroad for employment can draw foreign exchange up-to USDfrom any authorized dealer in India on the basis of self-declaration. This is probably what would happen if you sold a house in one country and bought another house in another country.

Once your card is activated, you will receive a message and mail to your registered contact number and Mail ID. Where can I find the customer support number of medical administrative jobs from home Bank that issued my forex card?

There will be a monthly fee and a minimum to open the account if you do this.