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Languageline solutions work from home jobs.

This is a good job if you want to get started in the interpreting field.

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Their FAQ states that some people are paid weekly while others are paid bi-weekly or even monthly. Contract position. They do offer some limited benefits. A typical day for me starts at 7: How are payments made? How much does Language Line pay? This is clearly not a company who balances employee satisfaction with earnings.

Must have a high school diploma. Freelance role. Good luck!

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Language Line has a liverpool street arcade forex of different clients in various industries. Contractor will use appropriate protocols and follow client's instructions in a professional and ethical manner. Breaks are scheduled regularly, languageline solutions work from home jobs the length of an individual call might mean a break is delayed.

Working as an Interpreter at LanguageLine Solutions: Reviews |

Will provide translation support and assistance to phone-based clients in a variety of situations. We are a very welcoming group and take pride in our team environment where everyone is on a first-name basis. Will work on handling calls on demand, rendering correct concepts and providing strict renditions of messages for client interpretation needs. Check out my e-book with a list of companies that regularly hire home-based workers.

Must have native or near native language proficiency, cultural knowledge, and a high school diploma. You can work at home as a Language Line interpreter, helping to break through the language barrier between two people on the phone trying to communicate with one another that do not speak the same language.

Recently the company implemented systems to reduce live interactions between interpreters. I've learned about topics ranging from finance, to insurance, medicine and law and so many more. If your position works at the corporate office, all of languageline solutions work from home jobs equipment and supply needs are provided by the company.

All telecommuting freelance position. All telecommuting role. Handle calls and accurately render conversation meanings. Work from home.

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  6. Management is constantly changing as the company "adjusts to its needs.

I have regularly scheduled hours, so when the end of my shift rolls around, I'm finished. Full-time and Part-time available. Yes, you do have to have a dedicated land line to work for this company.

Excellent communication skills and customer service experience are essential. I would also recommend reading through their interpretation FAQ which explains more about how it all works. Training is done entirely over the phone and you are paid for it.

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Excellent listening skills req. Must have computer skills, exceptional communication. You'll get paid minimum wage even if you don't receive any calls, though this rarely happens. Here are some of your best bets below: Job Executive Team. Must have native or near native fluency in Navajo and English and a high school diploma.

All-telecommuting role working full or part-time hours.

LanguageLine Solutions- 3 OPI (Over the phone interpreting) Scenarios

In truth, however, LLS is completely profit focused, and if this means reducing interpreter pay potential, then they'll do it. There is no selling involved here and all calls are inbound. Payments are made via direct deposit, but if that won't work for you, you darmowy ebook forex request a mailed check in the US or Canada.

You might be doing interpretation for calls, banking, insurance questions, reservations, and all kinds of other things.

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Interesting job with some plusses! Pin16 38shares If you are bilingual with fluency or near-fluency in English, Language Line is a company you may want to check out.

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  • Interact with the Customer Contracts Administration, Customer Service, Interpreter Resources, Workforce Management, and Information Technology regarding account set-up and to ensure adequate testing is completed prior to customer start-up.

Help to break communication barrier. Management is constantly changing as the company "adjusts to its needs. Must stay calm during calls of emergency nature. It appears that Language Line supplies most all equipment for you and will even reimburse you for the cost of your headset: High school diploma required.

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Must be punctual and stay calm during emergency related calls. There is tremendous growth potential here, and strong performers will be recognized accordingly. Must quickly and concisely process information.

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Visit my work at home job leads page to see what companies have had work at home openings recently. Must be located in Canada or the United States. LLS offers training for its employees. The GlassDoor reviews also vary with unfortunately more people being dissatisfied than satisfied. Unique culture — You will find that working for our Sales organization may be a little bit different.

Full or part-time role. Must be courteous and professional at all times. Help to break communication barriers. This means no pay raises or bonuses. Is Language Line open worldwide? Must have a high school diploma, home office, and strong communication skills. However, unlike many other companies, Language Line will reimburse you the cost of putting a land line in as well as cover your monthly phone bill.

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Requires a high school diploma or equivalent and native level fluency in Tibetan and English. However, in another area of their site is says their normal business hours are Will handle calls on demand and accurately render conversation meanings.

Account Services Representative LanguageLine Solutions Monterey, CA

If possible, you would be willing to travel on a limited basis in the initial two months to meet the regional sales team you will support. Must be fluent in both Pulaar and English. What types of calls do you take? Language Line doesn't list the pay rate on their website and explain that the exact amount will vary per person depending on the type of job, their skills, experience, etc.

I do not have to take work "home" with me even though work is at home. Primarily people complain about the demanding hours, what they consider to be low pay, and lack of communication from management. HS diploma req. Most Language Line interpreters are hired as employees although some people do work as IC's on temporary projects.

The total training time might last anywhere from two to four weeks. Place orders for equipment or materials, and help coordinate implementations for customers as needed.

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This is phone work and every call you take is a three way call. Will be responsible for providing Tibetan to English translation services. Depending on experience, a career path within the North American Sales organization as an Account Executive may be available for you as we build a new team. GlassDoor Want to apply? When you become a member of our team, you receive our commitment to your continued education and support.

Broad exposure and impact — This role will present a steady stream of diverse challenges, providing you with ample opportunities to make your mark. Will handle calls, render conversation meanings, and recognize cultural differences. Exquisite listening and communication skills required.

Interact with the Customer Contracts Administration, Customer Service, Interpreter Resources, Workforce Management, and Information Technology regarding account set-up and to ensure adequate testing is completed prior to customer start-up.

If your position works remotely, the company will provide you with a lap top computer with data base access, a printer, blackberry, cell phone, office supplies and other materials.

High speed internet required.

Past Flexible Jobs at LanguageLine Solutions

Active listening skills and able to determine the meaning of conversations. We are culturally diverse, people-focused, and dedicated to quality and continuous improvement. You may also perform sales follow-up to support ongoing account activity within assigned territories based on need. Direct hire and contract options available with full and part-time hours.

Feb What about scheduling and training? What equipment is needed? Check these threads out for yourself and see what you think: