How Can I Get an Editing Job from Home?

Editor job from home.

Student Loan Hero Student Loan Hero aims to help empower and educate college graduates to pay off student loans as quickly as possible. Enago Providing editing services to English as a second language authors sinceEnago employs more than editors worldwide.

I have already referred a friend to your site.

FlexJobs has relevant job listings, and it's an party time jobs from home website. I knew that I didn't want to continue commuting two hours to a job that left me with nothing but a paycheck.

Different writers, publications, and publishers follow different sets of rules.

How Can I Get an Editing Job from Home?

Editors who wish to work from anywhere can find many open positions with Cactus Communications, with most editing positions needing medical or science knowledge. It provides financial analysis, personalized loan summaries, and advice on loan repayment options to assist students in this goal.

I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for new employment. You cringe when you see spelling and grammar errors in the books you read. I currently work entirely from home, making more and more money with practice.

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The company hires for a few different editor positions, all of which are full-time, remote jobs. Graeme D. I highly recommend. These companies are known to hire at-home editors, and not all of them require specialized education: I have a PhD in Biology, but am now living abroad for family reasons in a country where science is not exactly groundbreaking! Read on to learn more about remote editing jobs you can do from anywhere!

Some companies hire traditionally with work-at-home editors on board as employees, while others hire contract workers for editing and proofreading. I wish I had discovered FlexJobs sooner! After applying for a handful of jobs, I was hired by a company within just a couple of weeks of signing up for this site.

Current Editing Jobs

Selected Success Stories in Editing Welcome to the Editing remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs page! It has been really helpful in categorizing different jobs, and the website makes the search process very easy. Nicole C. I had a great interview process with Thrillist, which led ultimately to them offering me a full-time, remote, salaried position this morning.

I am now contracted with four companies and do interesting, productive, challenging, and even fun writing and editing, all of which I found through FlexJobs. The subscription was a great investment—I applied for a few jobs and had a response the next day!

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In short, though, an editor is someone who works with a manuscript or draft and recommends revisions and changes in addition to correcting things like word choice and punctuation also called syntax. The site boasts over 25 million users per month and has been featured on multiple media outlets.

What to Expect As a Work-at-Home Editor

The company also offers content assistance, such as writing samples, tips and tricks, style guides, etc. The process was straightforward and has given me a job with flexibility and earning power that fits into my lifestyle.

I don't think I would have found this type of flexible, freelance gig anywhere else. If you want to learn more specifically about proofreading, my friend Caitlin Pyle has a great proofreading workshop for you right here! It was very easy to set up an account and search for jobs that met my requirements and skills.

Jenn L. I had great luck with FlexJobs, and found exactly the kind of work I hoped for right away. I found just what I was looking for! Thank you, FlexJobs! I really wanted to be able to use my qualification for something useful, and my wife told me about FlexJobs. If you have the desire to work from home as an Editing professional, then consider applying for some of the contract, freelance, part-time and full-time opportunities here.

Book in a Box. If I'm ever in need of part-time or full-time, alternative schedule jobs, I will definitely renew my subscription. I read through all the success stories and thought that at least a few of them had to be real.

It also offers other services, such as customer onboarding, marketing emails, up-selling emails, and more. I am SO grateful for your services! SalesFolk Established inSalesFolk focuses on creating cold emails for clients that can land them two to three times more qualified leads.

Leah S. Theresa U.

Editing Jobs - Remote, Part-Time & Freelance

Gadget Flow hires for editors to work full-time or part-time hours from home. I started looking at jobs on FlexJobs and ran across one that was my dream: Alexander J.

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  • SalesFolk Established inSalesFolk focuses on creating cold emails for clients that can land them two to three times more qualified leads.
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Editors may also do some of their own writing or be asked to The way you edit a term paper is going to be vastly different from the way you edit a textbook, which will also be very different from the way you edit a memoir or a fiction story. Cactus Communications Cactus Communications is a communication solutions provider that specializes in pharmaceutical and device companies, and academia. I was attracted to the idea of science editing, and I found the perfect job with Cactus Communications.

Most editorial work requires just a computer, Internet access, and a quiet place to work.

8 Companies with Remote Editing Jobs You Can Do from Anywhere

Student Loan Hero operates as a virtual clock forex indicator, and hires for remote editors to work from anywhere. Academic editors can find work-from-anywhere jobs with Scribbr.

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Thank you! Kayla K. Thank you a million times!

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Whether a website, training manual, book, corporate publication, journal article, or legal document, all editors help make content clear, logical, and organized. You always wondered if maybe you should be an editor… and if that first paragraph describes you, your hunch might be right!

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Meghan G. I have already referred a friend to your site. Updated December 12, and June 18, Editing vs. Most people tend to see things in black and white, with grammar rules and style guidelines and a right-vs-wrong mentality.

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Editors review, proofread and make changes to editor job from home work before it is published. Your resume writing advice is also top-notch, and all of the tips you give are so helpful. Editing is a career that is perfect for those who have a good eye for detail, grammar and spelling.

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You have an opinion on the Oxford comma and you might even have a preferred style manual of choice like Chicago or AP. The applications were easy and convenient to fill out.

Editing Jobs - Remote, Part-Time & Freelance

Cambridge Proofreading Worldwide Editor job from home Proofreading Worldwide is an editing and proofreading service that focuses on five subject areas: It offers a myriad of services, such as training, education, transcription, publication support, academic editing, and more.

After applying to a handful of jobs, I received a response, was trained, and then hired! Since its founding, the company has edited overmanuscripts and helped over 2 million authors. It gets a little fuzzy sometimes, in other words. Many companies also offer terrible rates for highly skilled work, which undermines the publishing industry.

I can understand why people are reluctant to pay for job boards, but I think the small fee is well worth it. I see very little of that on FlexJobs. Scribbr Scribbr is a writing and editing company that provides assistance to students.

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Many times traditional publishers will turn to at-home editors to work on their manuscripts. Stacey P. It offers customizable feeds, wish lists, and curated recommendations.

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  • You always wondered if maybe you should be an editor… and if that first paragraph describes you, your hunch might be right!
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Enago hires for work-from-anywhere editors to work on topics related to science, chemistry, engineering, physics, and more. The truth, however, is that editing is in large part subjective. Thank you!!! Academic journals i. One of the neat things about finding editing jobs springfield il work from home home is that you can go in a few different directions to get what you want.

Read more about this topic on the FlexJobs Press page! Barbara M. I highly recommend it! Your colleagues and friends constantly ask part time jobs from home for students in kolkata to look over their work to find typos. Dianna C.