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Some companies listed here will hire you as an independent contractor so therefore you will be responsible for your own taxes. You may use a VoIP but you will need a hardwired computer or laptop.

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Benefits include vision, dental, and healthcare insurance as well as vacation pay. You can use a landline phone if you want, but most employees just use the VoIP. Xerox Xerox has become one of the leaders in work from home jobs in recent years.

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You can also go here to read our review of work at home jobs at Support. Do you enjoy troubleshooting? Your pay will be commensurate with your experience and your certifications.

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You might phone support work from home to also review their requirements as technology changes all the time. You can view the current jobs listings on their website as some positions require more certifications and experience. Most of the positions are employee-based.

Over the years, they have developed two major roles for working from home. I am sure many of these companies are gearing up for Windows I will also include a link to their website and a brief summary of each.

Conclusion: Work from Home Online Tech Support Jobs

Most companies require that you have a land-line phone, not VOIPs voice over internet phone service or cellphones. A Client Services Technician is for those looking for an entry-level job.

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PerfectRoot PerfectRoot helps Android users root their devices forex trading education pdf right way to improve speed, functionality, and more. Telenetwork Telenetwork is a company offering several supportive services to business clients, like customer care and tech support. This company provides customer and tech support to its clients.

This position would be the equivalent of a helpdesk technician. Search the Information Technology category for openings. These customer service professionals may do tech support, answer billing questions or sell products via email, text or chat.

At the same, the explosive growth of the Internet and related technologies in the last 20 years has made remote, or home-based, jobs a possibility in a way they never were before. It hires both work-at-home and office-based call center agents to troubleshoot and provide customer service for its clients. You must be at least 18 years old with a reliable computer and internet connection.

The Complete Guide to Work-at-Home Call Center Jobs

Most of their jobs are actually listed on their own website. But, it also has remote tech support jobs. It never hurts before applying to do your research and see if they can offer you something of value.

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PefectRoot prefers to list its jobs at Indeed. This is an employee position.

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They can do this remotely from their own computer using a USB headset to take the calls. Some jobs even allow you to use a saved resume phone support work from home apply quickly and easily through Indeed.

Paid training. This includes activities such as troubleshooting, support ticket creation, and escalation. Many companies will train people to provide support for their products, giving them the specific knowledge they need, but advanced computer skills are necessary to start with.

The position is called a Customer Service Representative, but also includes tech support duties in addition to customer support.

Top 14 Legitimate Work from Home Online Tech Support Jobs

And though this could mean outsourcing it to a call center located in India, companies sometimes need people closer to home with customer service experience. Travel Agent Splitshire. The Remote Services Technician basically helps individuals and companies set up their wireless networks and connections. Most of their jobs get posted on careers page. You also must have a distraction and noise-free environment to work from.

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They offer cloud-based software solutions to companies of all sizes as well as individuals. However, these five seem to have the best reviews of most known companies that regularly hire for remote tech support. What other companies do you know of that offer online tech support jobs? You able to work whenever you like with this company. Then maybe you should consider working from home as a technical support person.

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Dell is selective in its hiring process, much like Apple, but it also offers some remote positions that would be great for those with technical experience to apply for. To work in customer service it is important that you have a noise-free environment, so that you will be able to listen to your customers and respond in the proper way.

Can you phone support work from home technical issues in everyday language?

75 Work from Home Phone Jobs

Best Buy also offers remote jobs for tech support agents through the Geek Squad program. The company hires both on-site and remote employees to help provide IT services to clients. Health and dental insurance package is available for employees. Please comment below if you know of any other great companies that regularly hire for remote tech support.

You must commit to at least 20 hours a week with shifts 4 to 6 hours long. What is not as obvious is what those tasks are and how the job is structured.

One of the positions it offers is for tech support.

  1. 5 Companies That Hire For Work at Home Tech Support
  2. Kelly Services Kelly Services offers a variety of call center solutions for businesses and individuals in various industries, from healthcare to education.
  3. Work At Home Technical Support Jobs, Employment |
  4. Ten week onsite training is required.

This position is like a cross between IT and customer support, offering helpful guidance for clients looking to sign up, or for those who require general assistance. If you do work for TeleTech, you will be sent a disk to download their software onto your computer—no Macs accepted. Training is paid and after 90 days you may start receiving pay raises.

They only hire in certain states. Transcom Transcom is another option for a work from home tech support job. A virtual assistant may perform research, manage email and calendars, book travel, etc.

IT Support Jobs Working from Home

Application process is about weeks. Of course, the majority of the customer service jobs are not work-at-home positionsbut here are 5 service-oriented jobs you can now do from home. All positions involve some type of sales. Tech Support Agents receive inbound calls, gather data and analyze symptoms to find solutions for technical issues.

5 Customer Service Jobs You Can Do From Home You may handle things like remote connections to other computers for troubleshooting or offering help for computer crashes or viruses.

Also because many people book their own travel, travel agents today tend to work more in arranging corporate travel. Both positions also offer some good benefits, like kpaid time off, overtime hours, and more. They hire for customer service and inbound sales.

  • You are hired as an independent contractor.
  • Your pay will be commensurate with your experience and your certifications.

Hours and pay will vary with experience since this is a relatively new field. Must have experience in PCs.

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Their schedules are based on either a per minute, per call or an hourly rate. But what has changed about travel agents in that they now have the ability to work from home.

Related Posts: Home call centers have been a growing phenomenon as newer technologies jobs from home apple it easier and cost effective for companies to outsource jobs from their offices to nearly anywhere in the world.

You are hired as an independent contractor. This is a full time position with employee benefits and incentives.