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Some of them very legit. Your goal should be this.

James16 Forex Trading Strategies & Methods Decoded!

I have on my watch list as many pairs as my broker offers. The single biggest reason this thread continues to produce winners is it constantly pounds home that this is a business and must be treated as can binary options be profitable.

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EXIT Another crucial aspect. But we are lucky enough to have signposts erected for us here.

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My how times have changed. Merlin no longer carries the torch here but he is a hero to me and i am truly blessed to know and call him my friend. What should be of comfort to those brave enough to travel this lonely road is simply to know that just the search itself is complete victory over life.

The location of where the pin bar forms is very important. James16 says that larger timeframes have more probability of success compared to trading in smaller timeframes.


All he needs is a few hundred subscribers and he is making some serious dough. Do you really think this business is going to work for you after 3 months practice or less?

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This method will be best assimilated by someone who has a good idea of how we look at our charts at the James16group. Enough of the details of the chemical composition of bread and butter The choice is yours. Pin Bar Fact 5: So what does a fake out look like on a chart?

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I'm giving this in the event just one of you might be blessed by it. We will take this subject up in more detail a little later However I only use the knowledge in an indirect way in validating and managing trades.

Download and view it for further clarification of the ideas of space and traffic. When I do place a stop and for the purpose of position sizing calculations what I essentially do is, I calculate a stop twice or so, the size of the wick of the fake out bar and use that distance in pips for my calculations and possibly for an actual stop loss placement.

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He does this buy using Price Action Around Areas of Support, Resistance, Fibonacci Levels etc… His trade entries are based on a bars wall street forex robot v3.9 free download candlestick patterns clustered near points of confluence.

In the first case the outlook is narrow, being limited by attending to the inescapable necessities and demands of day-to-day living.

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By creating an artificial scenario in the market the pro traders have managed to, like a sheep dog, get the herd where they want them to be. When I started off nothing seemed more thrilling than watching charts.

This list was developed by trying to treat new traders the way i would want to be treated and not just to get in your pockets.

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Forex Factory is what it is due to the vision and care of one person, my friend Merlin. One of the major reasons why this business takes so long to succeed at is because of the time you need to spend discovering your true "comfort zone" as opposed to your perceived "comfort zone".

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Day trading was an obvious attraction. My "system" is different to the conventional james16 stuff to a decent extent yet its still a pure modification of the material itself through ideas and research work of the very senior members at the group and at Forex Factory forums in general.

I think all of these people are honest and good at what they do and teach.

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  • Even Advanced forex traders will take some time to understand the forex trading strategies in james16 posts.
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In over 25 years of trading and learning its important for me to give credit where credit is due. Hardly anyone ever gets there because they don't treat it as a business.

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Now there is obviously more to the base system in the true sense but I only use a particular part of the BASE i. The reason price action observation tools are still around is that they still work.

The way to understand a trading strategy properly is to write it in a structure similar to the forex trading strategies that are on this site: And then there are the real big pros, the hedge funds, the banks and other institutions who know their stuff and have really big accounts. The EMAs that you can use are: How do you spot this pattern?

In fact we have been mental about it. You could find them on your own if you so choose. If it takes you a couple of years or even five or ten to reach the level of a staggering income, trading system analysis it worth it?

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Pin Bars Pin Bar Fact 1: They also artificially create buy side liquidity in the market by targeting the novice traders. I will put this in post 1 for reference. You definately just need to listen to certain voices especially in this thread If you read the thread stock options cpa exam the start you will just start skipping some peoples posts after a while lol, and get to the goodthat's what I did I say if you are cash strapped then just read this thread and follow it and demo, backtest.

To this day any new method im testing or any refinement to existing methods goes thru the same process. If you havnt lived long enough to understand what i just said you will someday.

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Where gut feel is involved experience comes in big time, and I can't stress this enough, that you must practice, practice and practice this method till you start to anticipate market action over and above your emotions. Work from home young living took me a while to realize I wasn't meant to day trade.


The naive trader lost when he was short at resistance. Just a regular person just like you. The condition with this is that they must be within 2 pips of each other. For you stop loss, place it pips above the high of the 2nd candlestick in the pattern.

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