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Conduent Work from Home Jobs: Not a good experience, I cannot recommend. Have you had a Conduent work from home job?

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They place a high importance on customer surveys. A typical day involves mostly stressful calls, with mostly unhappy, rude and impatient customers. So i finally get a call back from the so call supervisor and he finally told me that my computer was broken upon arrival and he couldn't help me i needed to speak to the om.

I waited another week to speak to that person after reaching out to hr. CST including weekends and holidays while having the ability to adjust to a change in schedule based on business needs. Conduent is looking for candidates with the following traits: Conduent tier 1 tech support work from home is strange becuase i was told that the computer was damaged they needed dollars from me to get sent a new one!

Please share in comments. Employee Benefits One of the benefits of working remotely with Conduent is that they offer a competitive benefits package for full-time employees. Unfortunately, it is after training that you are thrown into the full reality of the job. In this role, your main responsibility would be to perform data entry material from source documents to a computer database.

It is not clear whether training will be provided or required for the Temporary Data Entry Associate position, but given the location requirement you will be near a Conduent office to receive further assistance and guidance if you need it. This did not coincide with the what can i do if i want to work from home for growth and advancement within the company that were presented during training.

So its been over a couple days and i haven't heard anything about my computer so i called my supervisor Trading coffee options promised me a call back never called back tell me how the attendance line was trying forexbug anaf help me.

Conduent Work From Home Jobs

Too often the step by step information provided that we were supposed to use for technical fixes did not solve the customer's problem. Conduent is a leader in providing customer support for big insurance and health insurance companies. The best part of the job is the people. The only states where people are not eligible to apply include: I do have to say that the building environment is pretty dreary, depressing and dirty.

They partner with businesses and governments to help deliver services to patients, citizens, customers, and employees. These services range from managing transit systems and processing government payments to implementing employee learning programs, administering insurance claims, and customer care.

Conduent Work From Home Review – Call Center Jobs With Benefits

It is preferred that you have a minimum of 6 months experience interacting with customers in some capacity either via phone, chat, or in person. The customer forex ogrenmek istiyorum representative is the first point of contact for many clients who need help solving a technical issue.

You must also be willing to undergo a criminal background check and drug test, and forexbug anaf available to work from 7am to 4pm, Monday through Friday. Though they do at least keep the restrooms clean. Trade paper options classes are either very early, or very late, which does make a more difficult start to the experience.

Conduent is aggressively advertising and hiring lots of people from 37 states across the United States. There were several times even after I got out on the floor that they did go out of their way to assist me with a more difficult question, but that was totally pulling them forexbug anaf of either their usual job description and a different physical location ce inseamna marja forex the buildingor perhaps delaying them on their way to break.

We will rely on you to actively listen to our customers and use your technical experience, passion and creativity to meet their needs Read the requirements below and apply today for immediate consideration! In my brief experience this applies to both customer conduent tier 1 tech support work from home and tech support.

Must be at least 18 years of age or older Apply Here. How about if they hired you to work from home with full salary and benefits?

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Well, this is exactly what Conduent is offering you right now. If you would like Conduent work from home reviews directly from their employees, Glassdoor has hundreds of reviews availableincluding some for Conduent work from home call center jobs you will need to create a free account to view all the information.

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Other requirements include having technical aptitude and enjoying troubleshooting technology. So my story is i was having alot of system issues so they switch me to a new supervisor with out notice. Love to see more work from home jobs? Other requirements for the customer service position include: Most of the jobs above are for call center related customer support.

In order to be considered for the Temporary Data Entry Associate, you must reside within 30 miles of Sandy, Utah, but you will work from home Monday through Friday, conduent tier 1 tech support work from home to 4pm. The training and coaching staff are very knowledgeable and helpful.

While I understand they must do that at least to some level in this environment, customers will frequently "fail" you on surveys even for something that was completely out of your control or that you could not resolve even by using your "resources". Good luck!

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And you know the insurance, health insurance and healthcare businesses are so secure and profitable! In order to do this job, you must be at least 18 years old and have a high school diploma or GED. But little did he knew i screen shoot all that issues i was having and eli5 stock options times that my system would get rolled calls or just freeze lol so that stumped him because he wanted me to basically admit that i was avoiding calls which I wasn't lol.

Career Opportunities - Conduent

So I called HR the advised that they did not term me but i was termed by the supervisor for work avoidance. Ability to meet minimum typing speed of 25 WPM while talking to customers Successful completion of pre-employment assessments and a criminal background check A quiet distraction free workspace that will allow you to meet our requirement of working independently without other parties being in the same workspace during your scheduled shift.

I hate spam, so I will never sell or share your email address with anyone else. Tech support is usually more stressful and unpleasant because customers have already been on the phone for some time and are usually extremely impatient. The breakroom, cafe and amenities offered are also pretty good, so make a pretty good perk if somehow the job works out for you.

It was a regular occurance to have technical issues which kept me from accessing a particular article or information that I had to hope just might answer the customers question or issue.

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Management was lacking after training So after waiting a week to hear something back they actually terminated me for a computer i simply turned in for not powering on and now my computer is shattered.

Ready to Apply? The very best part of the job is the people you'll meet and work with there. So unprofessional and liars. Head over here to check out available computer options for your work at home career.

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Conduent really, really needs new work from home employees and you stand a better chance of getting this job with good benefits. The Conduent work from home program offers both of conduent tier 1 tech support work from home in-demand qualities, and they are currently hiring for remote call center jobs and a temporary data entry associate.

Will you be excited if that work from home job is full time? Also, it is very difficult to adhere to the breaktime and do what you need to do with having to use lockers, pass through security, etc. Was this review helpful? This Job and the management is one of most unprofessional company that i was ever exposed too.

High Speed Internet Service 10 megabits download and 3 megabit upload from a reliable provider Must pass state, federal and criminal background check Must have High School diploma or general education degree GED.

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It appears that Conduent does not expect you to come in as an expert, but you should enjoy technology and have the ability to learn troubleshooting techniques. Could Conduent work from home jobs be the big break you are looking for? Conduent is almost always hiring work from home jobs.

  1. Could Conduent work from home jobs be the big break you are looking for?
  2. But little did he knew i screen shoot all that issues i was having and the times that my system would get rolled calls or just freeze lol so that stumped him because he wanted me to basically admit that i was avoiding calls which I wasn't lol.

Are you looking for work from home jobs? So when i finally meet the supervisor he said he was going to fire me because it looked like call avoidance. My biggest mark against this company is the lack of opportunity to move into a different department or job description that would have suited me much better.

Feel International trademark registration system to apply at any time! No matter how much all the provided information and resources provided to us was emphasized during training, I found that way too often it did not provide the answer or technical resolution i needed for the customer.

My First 2wks Working at Conduent, I9 Verification; What To Expect?

Work at Home Jobs require good quality computers and digital tools to get the job done. This turned out not to be the case. The shifts are flexible, but you must be available to work an hour shift between the hours of 7am and 11pm CST.

  • Tech support is usually more stressful and unpleasant because customers have already been on the phone for some time and are usually extremely impatient.
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Technical aptitude and enjoy troubleshooting technology Minimum 6 months experience interacting with customers in binary options cipher capacity via phone, chat, in person, etc. Next my computer would turn off at random i even brought a new power cord one day it wouldn't turn back on at all.

Discipline to work remotely and follow a set schedule Ability to work an hr shift between the hours of 7: Employees can also take advantage of company discounts to local restaurants, gyms, for cell phone service, auto, travel, international theme parks and more.

The training schedule may include working nights or weekends.

How will you create Conduent moments?

They also offer dental, vision, and k plans along with paid time off. Conduent is headquartered in Florham Park, NJ, but they offer an array of nationwide and international positions as well as remote work opportunities. They way they feel it's necessary to assess your "stats" can work against you before you ce inseamna marja forex a chance to move into a different group withing the company, as it did with me.

They wanted to pay or get on a payment plan and mind you i didn't get paid for anytime missed lol i told them no. You work at home job placement agencies unsubscribe anytime.

I will say the training staff is great and the training experience was good, other than the schedule. That had nothing to do with me.